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  1. Why are members not receiving email notifications?

    Usually this happens because the member’s email provider or email program tagged the notification as spam.

    1. Members can look in their spam folder.
    2. Members add the email address that sent the notification to their address book. This will identify future notifications as wanted instead of as spam.
    3. Some email providers allow thier users to enter an email address or domain (here iin a "white list", which is a list of email addresses or domains that are will not be marked as spam.

  2. Links to TimeBank in notification email result in "Page not found"

    Since only people who are logged in to the Timebank can use it, the links in email notifications will only work if the member is logged in before clicking on the link. Please log in to the Timebank and then use the link.

  3. My offer or request disappeared. How can I get it back?

    Most likely it is now after the expiration date of the offer or request. After a service ad expires, it is removed from public view (but not deleted). You can reactivate it by giving it a new future expiration date.  See

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